Arya Samaj Marriage In Vikaspuri

Arya Samaj, a reform motion founded through Swami Dayanand Saraswati in 1875, promotes the concepts of reality and righteousness. Arya Samaj marriage, additionally called Vedic marriage, is gaining a reputation in diverse components of India, which include Vikaspuri. In this newsletter, we’ll delve into the importance of Arya Samaj’s marriage in Vikaspuri, its techniques, advantages, and more.

Arya Samaj marriage is a conventional Hindu bridal ceremony that clings to the ideas outlined within the Vedas. It emphasizes simplicity, equality, and adherence to Vedic rituals. Unlike elaborate traditional weddings, Arya Samaj marriages have cognizance of the sacred union of people without the extravagance of intricate ceremonies.

History and Background of Arya Samaj

Arya Samaj is a Hindu reform movement that was founded using Swami Dayananda Saraswati in 1875. The movement is primarily based on the concepts of Vedic scripture and seeks to sell the harmony of all humans and the regularly occurring brotherhood of mankind. Arya Samaj Vikaspuri is a branch of the Arya Samaj movement that changed into set up in 1988 in the Vikaspuri locality of New Delhi, India.

The organization’s objective is to sell the teachings of the Vedas and the philosophy of the Arya Samaj in the local network and past. The enterprise is involved in diverse activities, which include spiritual and cultural activities, instructional applications, social welfare initiatives, and health camps.

The business enterprise additionally affords training to underprivileged young people and offers assistance to needy humans. The enterprise also runs a charitable dispensary and a mandir (temple) in D-Block, Vikaspuri. The agency maintains to play a critical role in spreading the values and standards of the Arya Samaj and serving humanity in each feasible manner.

Procedure and Requirements

If you’re planning to get married in Vikaspuri, Delhi, you need to comply with a few tactics and requirements to sign up for your marriage legally. Here are a few steps and files that you want to put together before applying for a wedding certificate:-

  1. First, you want to find an appropriate venue for your marriage ceremony. Many dinner party halls, resorts, and lawns in Vikaspuri provide various centers and services on your unique day. You can search online or visit them personally to check their availability, charges, and reviews. Some of the famous venues in Vikaspuri are the Victoria Banquet, Chanson Grand Westend, Anubhav Banquet Hall, Maharaja Agarsen Bhawan, and Tequila Express.
  2. Second, you need to decide the date and time of your bridal ceremony. You can select any day in keeping with your choice and comfort, however, ensure that it does now not conflict with any public excursion or festival. You additionally want to tell your venue manager about your reservation and verify it with a deposit.
  3. Third, you need to collect all of the important documents on your marriage registration. You and your spouse want to provide passport-length pix, evidence of residence, evidence of date of birth, and proof of identity. If both of you are a widow or widower, you want to post the demise certificate of the previous partner. If either of you is a divorcee, you need to submit the decree of divorce granted by using the court docket. If both of you are a foreign citizen or conserving a foreign passport, you need to post a certificate of gift marital reputation or no obstacle certificate out of your embassy and a valid visa. You also want to bring two witnesses who are foremost and recognize both of you properly.
  4. Fourth, you need to go to the closest sub-registrar workplace in Vikaspuri at the side of your partner, witnesses, and documents. You want to fill out a utility shape and pay a nominal registration fee. The sub-registrar will confirm your details and trouble a wedding certificate on the spot or within a few days.

A marriage certificate is a legal document that proves your marital status and offers you social protection and self-confidence. It is likewise useful for buying a visa, claiming bank deposits or insurance benefits, converting your surname, and so on. Therefore, it’s miles recommended to register your marriage as quickly as possible after your marriage ceremony.

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Benefits of Arya Samaj Marriage

Arya Samaj Marriage is a simple and least expensive manner of getting married legally and religiously. It is based on the principles of Arya Samaj, which sell equality, justice, and concord among absolutely everyone. Arya Samaj Marriage can be executed between any consenting adults, no matter their caste, faith, or heritage. It does not require any elaborate rituals or ceremonies and can be finished within 3-4 hours. To get married in Arya Samaj Mandir in Vikaspuri, Delhi, you want to comply with some primary steps and provide a few vital documents:-

  1. First, you need to ebook the venue earlier by contacting the Arya Samaj government and giving them your information, along with the name, cope with, touch range, proposed wedding date, and time.
  2. Second, you need to post your evidence of age, house, identity, and marital repute (if applicable). You also need to have four passport-size pix of every associate and two witnesses from every side with their voter ID cards.
  3. Third, you need to pay a nominal fee for the wedding registration and certificate. Fourth, you need to wait for the bridal ceremony on the Arya Samaj Mandir, in which you may alternate garlands and vows in front of a clergyman and the witnesses. The priest will perform a few simple rituals, inclusive of havan (fire worship), shilarohan (stepping over a stone), and saptapadi (seven steps around the hearth). The rite will end with the advantages of the priest and the witnesses.

By getting married in Arya Samaj Mandir in Vikaspuri, you may experience several blessings. You can shop for money and time by fending off pointless expenses and hassles. You can get a prison marriage certificate on the identical day of the marriage, to assist you in diverse matters like visa, passport, bank account, and so forth. You can also get social recognition and reputation for your marriage, as Arya Samaj’s Marriage is extensively reputable and commemorated in India. You can also have a good time on your special day in a traditional and significant manner, as Arya Samaj’s Marriage is based totally on the values of Vedic subculture and spirituality.

Legal Recognition of Arya Samaj Marriages

Arya Samaj Marriages In Vikaspuri is a form of Hindu marriage that follows the principles and rituals of the Arya Samaj movement. Arya Samaj is a reformist sect that was founded by Swami Dayananda Saraswati in the 19th century. It advocates the supremacy of the Vedas and the universal brotherhood of mankind. Arya Samaj marriages are simple, solemn, and legally valid. They do not require any caste, creed, or horoscope considerations. They are also open to inter-faith and inter-caste couples.

To get married in an Arya Samaj Mandir in Vikaspuri, one needs to follow certain steps and provide certain documents. According to the website of Arya Samaj Vikaspuri, these are:

  1. Discuss the marriage program with the Arya Samaj authoritative personnel at the Samaj and book the preferred date and time.
  2. Provide name, address, contact number, and other formalities while booking the venue.
  3. Provide residence proof, an Aadhaar card, an age proof certificate, and 4 photos of each partner.
  4. Have 2 witnesses from each side with voter ID cards present at the wedding.
  5. Respect the rules and regulations of Arya Samaj, such as no DJ, music, alcohol, tobacco, or cigarettes inside the premises.

The wedding ceremony typically lasts between 3-4 hours and consists of various Vedic rites and chants. The couple is given a marriage certificate by the Arya Samaj Mandir after the completion of the ceremony. This certificate is valid and recognized by the law. However, it is advisable to register the marriage at the nearest sub-registrar office within 30 days of the wedding to avoid any legal complications in the future.

Arya Samaj Marriages In Vikaspuri is a great option for those who want to have a simple, dignified, and affordable wedding that respects Vedic values and traditions.

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Arya Samaj’s marriage in Vikaspuri offers couples a meaningful, spiritually enriching, and legally diagnosed union based on Vedic concepts. With its emphasis on simplicity, equality, and affordability, it offers an alternative to standard weddings even upholding cherished cultural and non-secular traditions.


Q. Can non-Hindus opt for Arya Samaj marriage?

Ans. Yes, Arya Samaj marriage is open to people of all faiths and backgrounds who want to adhere to Vedic standards.

Q. Is Arya Samaj’s marriage legally binding?

Ans. Yes, Arya Samaj marriages are legally recognized under the Hindu Marriage Act, supplied they meet the important felony necessities.

Q. How long is an Arya Samaj marriage ceremony usually ultimate?

Ans. Arya Samaj marriage ceremonies are exceedingly quick and can be completed within some hours, relying on the precise rituals selected with the aid of the couple.

Q. Are tricky ceremonies and rituals a concern in Arya Samaj’s marriage?

Ans. No, Arya Samaj marriage ceremonies are easy and conscious of important Vedic rituals without the extravagance of complicated ceremonies.

Q. What documents are required for Arya Samaj marriage?

Ans. Required files include age evidence, identification evidence, photos, and any additional documents detailed by way of the Arya Samaj organization.